Old photo collection

Old photos are like treasures. Helps to recur a lot of memories and stories. Consciously or unconsciously, it held a piece of history in itself.

We have here collected around 300 numbers of  old photos of Bhaktapur from different sources just like in our recent photos of Bhaktapur. We really appreciate the perceiving point of view of those ages-old photographers who then portrayed Bhaktapur this well and let this generation learn from them.

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Lanpadegal and Phasidegal surroundings image

Lanpadegal and Phasidegal surroundings

Lanpadegal; the Harihar temple image

Lanpadegal; the Harihar temple

Painting of old Phasidegal and surroundings image

Painting of old Phasidegal and surroundings

view of bhaktapur city from bharbacho gate image

view of bhaktapur city from bharbacho gate

View from the east image

View from the east

Yatachhen image


Suryabinyak Temple Road image

Suryabinyak Temple Road

Tap of sakotha image

Tap of sakotha

Making of haku patasi image

Making of haku patasi

Staircase of Nyatapola Temple image

Staircase of Nyatapola Temple

Near indrayani dyo chhen image

Near indrayani dyo chhen

Indrayani dyo chhen image

Indrayani dyo chhen

Taumadhi Square image

Taumadhi Square

Sukuldhoka mathh image

Sukuldhoka mathh

Sallaghari image


Nawadurga at bhairabnath temple image

Nawadurga at bhairabnath temple

kamalbinyak buspark image

kamalbinyak buspark

Temple of yachhen image

Temple of yachhen

people gathering at taumadhi square image

people gathering at taumadhi square

Bridge around khore image

Bridge around khore

Old Ratna bhawan area image

Old Ratna bhawan area

Nawadurga temple image

Nawadurga temple

White Gate of Durbar Square image

White Gate of Durbar Square

Phasidegal;Silu Mahadeva image

Phasidegal;Silu Mahadeva

shree padhma school image

shree padhma school

Taumadhi Square during 1967 image

Taumadhi Square during 1967

lho hiti of suryamadhi image

lho hiti of suryamadhi

lho hiti of inacho-golmadhi image

lho hiti of inacho-golmadhi

Head of Bhairabnath image

Head of Bhairabnath

kamalbinyak Ganesh Mandir image

kamalbinyak Ganesh Mandir