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Bhadgaule topi


Bhadgaule topi is a black coloured cap labelled with the sign of two khukuris crossing over each other. It is the speciality of this Topi.

This handmade topi is believed to be originated in Bhaktapur. That’s why it is named Bhadgaule which literally means the cap of Bhadgaun (the old name of Bhaktapur). This topi particularly is worn on special occasions like celebrations, Jatras or in festivals. 

Moreover, there is one popular reason behind wearing Bhadgaule topi. Topi or caps are generally used to be protected either from the sun or cold but, these topi, do none of the aforementioned things. Yet, people proudly wear this Bhadgaule topis. It’s because the mountainous shape of this topi represents no other than Mount Everest.

Hence, people proudly wear it and also gift as a souvenir from Nepal.

Newa wears are traditional attire that is owned by the Newa People. In between 123 ethnic groups of Nepal, who basically owns their own kind of language, traditions, customs and costumes, of course, Newa wears simply appears to be one among them.

The Hakupatasi, Bhadgaule topi, Kaapan Lakaan, Gaa, these are some of the wears that represents the Newa wears. Moreover, the use of black colour in those wears made it kinda more attractive and unique to the world.


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