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Nyatapola crafted by clay

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Clay crafted Nyatapola, solely made out of clay is a symbol of Nepalese Pagoda.

Clay crafts are long-used in Nepal, especially in the kitchen. The earthen pot (Ghaita) to bring water, earthen utensils to cook and fry grains (Hadi), to serve liquors (Sali) and to plate cooked items, clay crafts were highly used in the past.

Not only in Nepal but in other countries too, the tradition of using clay crafts stayed for a long time. Even today, ceramics are used in plating, planting, decorations and other purposes.

In Nepal, clay crafts, especially as a form of a souvenir started to flourish after the tourism movements. The Prajapati clan of Bhaktapur (both residing on Thimi and Bhaktapur) are introducing a new way of doing pottery and creating art from them.


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