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Thaili (New blue coloured handmade pouch)


This blue coloured handmade thaili is bordered by red cloth and it has drawstrings of green and yellow colours.

Thaili, often named Surkhe Thaili, Mehcha (in the newari language) is one traditional handmade purse. It normally is made out of cotton cloth, however, today, because of the trending trends and fashion, it is available in different other clothes as well.

These tiny hand purses or pouches are said to be first made to utilize small wastage cloths. It was a prolonged tradition of Nepal to tailor your clothes rather than buying readymade ones. Thus, the unusable extra cloth was transformed into tiny Thailis which still are used to secure money, jewellery and especially coins.

Thailis is best known for their Dhaka patterns, drawstrings and two separate sections.

  • Blue coloured and red-bordered
  • Made by cotton cloth
  • Handmade


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