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Lockdown Photo Stories Municipality spraying disinfectant during the lockdown. PC: Khichikka police arrest a boy with multifunctional arresting devices while breaking the rules during the lockdown. PC: Amit Machamasi Policeman, scoring lines to maintain social distancing in Taumadhi Square. PC; Amit Machamasi Square during the Covid-19 pandamic. PC: Sudeep Suwal Highway, the two sides of it resemble like a parking spot. PC: Amit Machamasi Temple forbade to enter with the bamboo sticks. PC: Ramesh Duwal man in a mask, trynna avoiding the virus. PC: Amit Banmala Area. It used to be one of the busiest streets of Bhaktapur. PC: Khichikka squares void without the travelers as well as the devotees. PC: Khichikka Square, peaceful as usual. PC: Ramesh Suwal Square PC: Shree Bhushan Sujakhu Square PC: sudeep suwal dog is reposing at Durbar Square as he knows there are no humans to disturb him right there. PC: Amit Machamasi Staff Bus at Thimi chwok PC: Ramesh suwal PC: Khichikka PC: Khichikka PC: Khichikka PC: Khichikka Square PC: Khichikka PC: Sudeep Suwal PC: Amit Machamasi PC: Dipesh Shrestha Photography PC: Khichikka Chwok PC: Ramesh suwal PC: Khichikka selling vegitables during lockdown PC: Dipendra Dhungana Square PC: Nelson Suwal street vendor, on the way in his normal days. But, with the mask on his face. PC: Sudeep Suwal

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