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Nyatapola, 2020 restoration image of a giant architecture, Nyatapola, allowing bamboos to be lying down in its premises. PC: Carlography prep of Nyatapola reconstruction. PC: Bigyan Prajapati Narendra Mool the process of restoring the apex of the Nyatapola. PC: Carlography, in the starting phase of its reconstruction. PC: Purna Gopal Rajchal image, focusing on the Naya Nyatapola, after complete rework on the very top floor. That. as per the local belief is the symbol of the sky. PC: Carlography of the fourth and apex floor of the tallest pagoda temple of Nepal, Nyatapola. That, according to the anecdote is the symbol of air and sky respectively.अकिल-महर्जन-3rd-floor-completed.jpgAfter the complete reconstruction of the third tier of nyatapola, where symbolically the third tier symbolizes the fire. PC: Akil Maharjan of the construction party. PC: Bhaktapur Municipality Narendra Mool relinquishing the roofing tiles. PC: Bhaktapur Municipality in between the square of bamboos. PC: Saurav Bajracharya, this is how the Bhaktapurians serve to rebuilt their heritage. PC: Bhaktapur Municipality attaining steeple of the Nyatapola, after the complete renovation of the second floor. PC: Amit Banmala Nyatapola after the full reconstruction of its second floor. The second floor as other tiers symbolizes the water. PC: Sajan Kusmaअकिल-महर्जन.jpgHelping hands in the reconstruction of Nyatapola. PC: Akil Maharjan an occasion of the anniversary of Nyatapola, people move toward the crown to place the flag. PC; Bhaktapur Municipality, here is the flag, twirling with the flow of wind. It must be a proud moment. PC; Bhaktapur Municipality old people, preparing yellow clay for roofing of the temple. PC; Bhaktapur Municipality Narendra Mool Aden Suwal, after the complete renovation. PC: Narendra Mool

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