Alleys of Bhaktapur || Lockdown by Bijay Prajapati

6 views .Aug 27, 2020

We undoubtedly can call Bhaktapur,” the city of alleys”. Streaming from the main street, the alleys expands as the branches of a tree. From here to there everywhere.

Here, the fascination of Bijay Prajapati to those alleys of the Bhaktapur ended in an amazing video. That in lockdown, which apparently makes the alleys quite empty. Otherwise, Bhaktapur and its alleys never ever befall empty.

Starting from the Nava Durga temple, the alley continued to Salan Ganesh temple, Dattatraya temple, Golmadhi, Nyatapola temple, Pottery Square, Bamshagopal, Khauma, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Taumadhi, Inacho, and finally ended at Kwathandau.


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