Untold stories of Nyatapola: Making period of Nyatapola

0 views .Aug 3, 2021

Ledged believes that the Nyatapola temple was completed within 6 months of a period which is still hard to believe. Our speaker Mr Om Dhaubadel have shared some stories about how the time period was measured. This is an audio clip of the program, we held on CLUBHOUSE on 11 JULY, 2021 where Om Dhaubadel and Purushottam Lochan Shrestha shared their sorts of knowledge.

Nyatapola is like an ambiguous subject, which has, of course, mystery, religious beliefs, and facts. Plus, this might be the only monument that has more historical evidence than any other monuments do. But still, it became a baffling puzzle when it comes to explaining its accessories.


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