A day tour to Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur is one small burgh yet it is full of eventualities. It has a rich culture, hundreds of years old heritage sites, temples, traditional lifestyles, ancient alleyways, tastes and cuisines, moreover, the most fascinating and furious festivals. Bhaktapur naturally is a beautiful place that is surrounded by green hills (it is a heaven for hiking freaks), and those hills are filled with at least a religious site.

It is a fact that we possibly could not reach each corner of Bhaktapur in one single day. But we cannot even miss those things too which made Bhaktapur unique. Right? Thus, we would be covering four popular squares of Bhaktapur along with the oldest temple of Nepal, Changu Narayan.  

During this one day tour to Bhaktapur, you would be tasting the most famous Juju dhau of Bhaktapur, visiting the National Art Museum, Bhaktapur durbar ( the then Royal Palace), the tallest Pagoda of Nepal, Nyatapola temple. Along with that, you would be seeking out the traditional pottery and woodcarving jobs. By the way, they are likewise the speciality of Bhaktapur.

Furthermore, we would also head toward, as already mentioned the oldest temple of Nepal, the Changu Narayan temple. It is located in a bit of height but you won’t get disappointed visiting this temple even if you are not a religious person. So, how about looking at the itinerary for this trip?

Note: If there is a festival happening in Bhaktapur, then it would be quite hard to visit these sites because of the crowd. So, we recommend you to enjoy festivals rather than visiting square to square. However, involving in festivities is not chargeable.

Detail Itinerary

Pick up

Pick up from your hotel and transfer to Bhaktapur-Ram Mandir (in case you are not staying in Bhaktapur).

Observe pottery square

From Ram mandir, we would be directly heading toward the Pottery Square, where we would observe pottery making as well as thanka paintings.

Go to Taumadhi Square

From the pottery square, we would then towards the giant Nyatapola temple, to the Taumadhi Square. There are several more temples in this area. So, we would be having a lot of blessings for all those deities.

Explore Bhaktapur Durbar Square

After spending some time over there, we would then head toward the Bhaktapur Durbar Square where we would be exploring the legendary palace of Bhaktapur, famously known as the “Pachpanna Jhyale Durbar”. Well, it literally means the palace of 55 windows. After the visit to the amazingly beautified palace, we would then go to explore the National Art Museum and other monuments.

Visit Dattatraya Square

There is one more square left to explore, so we would then head toward Dattaraya Square, mostly famous for the Dattatraya temple and two more museums. Since the temple is pretty famous in the nearby localities, it kinda feels like a more lively square than others. (Lunch at Dattatreya square)

Head toward Changu

Afterwards, we would head toward Changu where the Changu Narayan temple lies. After a good round of the temple and beautiful scenery capturing in your cameras, we would directly head back to your hotel. And, that’s a day tour of yours at Bhaktapur.


  • Transfer to/from Hotel/Airport and drive to Changu Narayan.
  • English speaking guide for exploration of the cultural town of Bhaktapur.
  • Field Visit of Woodcarving 
  • Visit Yogurt processing ( JuJu Dhau – King of the curd) 
  • Visit for pottery making process. 


  • Entrance Tickets in sightseeing places.
  • Lunch and Dinner
  • All the personal expenses
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tips for guide


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