Customs of Nepal; All you need to know about Nepal

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Customs of Nepal; All you need to know about Nepal image

Nepal is already a unique destination in the sense of cultural diversity, ritualistic traditions, outfits, festivals, and of course the passion for creating masterpieces. But wait, do you also know that there are some unbelievable beliefs which are still practised in every household as well as in the society of Nepal.

In some sense, these epic and interesting customs made us different from the world. Here, we have come up with some of the common beliefs and customs that surely can help you make your stay in this pristine and a little bit strange country. 

Some common beliefs and customs of Nepal

  • Nepalese people use the right hand for good deeds like eating, giving, praying, and so on. They don’t consider it’s good to eat with your left hand.
  • ¬†Temples are the holiest place in Nepal. So, while you enter the temple, you need to take off your shoes.
  • Nepalese people respect their elders by not mentioning their names. Despite that, they called elders by their relations like an uncle, aunty, and all.
  • When Nepalese meet, they greet each other by doing namaste. Namaste is done by joining both of your hands right straight to the chest, where they also bow their head a little to show respect.
  • You cannot go to the kitchen while you are eating something.
  • You cannot drink water by touching the mouth of the water jug with your lips. If you touch it with your lip then you are considered jhuto which means impure.
  • You cannot eat anything until and then you wash your face in the morning.
  • You must wear decent clothes while walking in public and religious places.
  • Eating cow meat is prohibited over here. In Nepal, cows are worshipped as earth.
  • Brooming the ground and throwing the dust after sunset is not count as a good thing in Nepalese society.
  • In some Hindu shrines, only Hindus are allowed to enter.



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