Kushe Aunsi: a day dedicated to the fathers

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Kushe Aunsi: a day dedicated to the fathers image

Kushe Aunsi, also signified as Gokarna Aunsi is one of the important days to the denizens of Nepal. Since the day has more than a single significance. First, it is the day dedicated to all fathers. That’s why the day is also called Buwaa ko mukh herne din.

In Nepal bhasa, it is called, “Abua ya khoa soyegu din.” That precisely means to see the faces of fathers.

Generally, father’s day refers to the day of sanctifying fatherhood. Notwithstanding, different nationalities celebrate it in different ways and days. But in Nepal, people celebrate it quite uniquely. They generally bring sweets, fruits, and other gifts to their fathers.

Plus, devouring it, they give the Sagun too. However, at the same time, they praised their fathers by touching their feet and putting on a tika. Touching feet are only liable to the sons not for the daughters. Since society assumes daughters as the kumari.

Consequently, they all gather at night and have a big feast. This is how father’s day is celebrated in Nepal.

Gokarna Aunsi

Besides this, some people pronounce it as Bhadrapada Amavasya, somewhere, Pitri Tripani Aunsi exceedingly. Cause, the day is more important for those who unfortunately lost their fathers. Those who lost their beloved father, precisely for more than a year, go to the Gokarna of Kathmandu, on the very day.

People doing shraddha during Kushe Aunsi

Kushe aunsi Photo: Binod Joshi

Here, Gokarna is a holy temple of Lord Shiva, situated in the northeast corner of Kathmandu city. There, they take bathe and perform the yearly death ritual, Shraaddh. That’s why the day is pretty famous as Gokarna Aunsi too. However, people also prefer to go to Betrawati of Rasuwa and Bishnupaduaka of Dharan to do such death rituals.

Whence, the day aunsi somehow has a powerful impact on Nepalese society. There is actually a credo in Nepalese culture. That those who have their parents alive should not take bath on the day of aunsi. They assume that it diminishes the life of their parents like whoever takes bathe on that day.

Since the one, who has lost their parents must likely take bathe on this day.

Kushe Aunsi

Kush or Cannabis is taken as a holy plant in the Hindu religion. The devotees perceive it as an image of Lord Vishnu which brings good fortune to the house. That’s why on the same day as Gokarna Aunsi, people bring kush to their homes. Especially that one which is cut by the priest. However, for that reason, the day is also denoted as Kushe Aunsi.



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