Nava Durga Dance Ceremonies ( kna Layegu)

Nava Durga Dance Ceremonies ( kna Layegu) image

Toles, where Nava Durga Dance is done

  1. Suryamadhi (in front of Dabu)
  2. Gachhen Chowk
  3. In front of  Dattatraya
  4. Songaloha (in front of Dhy: chhen)
  5. Golmadhi (on the eastern side of Ganesh Temple)
  6. Tibukchhen (near Durupwa dhyo)
  7. In front of Kwachen Dyo Chhen
  8. Taumadhi (In front of Bhairavnath Temple)
  9. Ga: hiti (on the eastern side of Nar Singh temple)
  10. Talakwo (north of Jetha Ganesh)
  11. Ichhu
  12. In front of Mulakhu Ganesh
  13. The western side of the Itachhen Narayan temple
  14. Khauma Gate (In front of current Padma School)
  15. Layaku (West of Lal Baithak)
  16. Layaku (In front of current Guthi Samsthan)
  17. Tulachhen
  18. Chochhen
  19. Yachhen (west of Yachhen Ganesh)
  20. In between Mahalaxmi temple and Naag Pokhari
  21. Kwathandou (west of the pond)

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    January 16, 2022
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    Preparations going on

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    Local Guthi

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