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Bhajyapukhu or Bhajupokhari of Bhaktapur is recently renovating under the act of Bhaktapur Municipality. This pond seems like a hidden pond of Bhaktapur cause it is labelled beside the line of various restaurants and local residences. But it is very easy to locate this pond. 

It lies right behind the Shiddhapokhari of Bhaktapur, on the southern arena. All you need to do is cross the road toward the south of Shiddhapokhari. Make the traditional pati to your right( which has a small outdoor shop) and keep going. Within a few steps, you would be standing on the northeast corner of the Bhajupokhari.

People used to play football in the pond, lightly a few years back because there was no water in this pond. It was totally dried up and was only limited in the name of the history of Bhaktapur. Even, in the history of Bhaktapur, there is no accurate information about this pond.

Regarding Culture Activist, Om Dhaubhadel, Bhajupokhari was built by a general commander of King Jitamitra Malla, Bhagiram Pradhananga (Bhaju Kasaju/ Bhaju Kasa). By whom’s name, the pond is named Bhajuya Pukhu which means the pond of Bhaju. Later, it started to be called Bhajupukhu and then Bhajyapukhu. However, people also prefer to call it Bhajupokhari which all means the pond named by Bhaju.

Since there is no exact information regarding the erection period of the pond, considering the life ventures of Bhaju Kasa, it is guessed that it probably was built during N.S. 811/812. However, it is no sure date of its erection.

For the reconstruction of the pond, some pre-research and excavation work was also held in that area by the team of Historian and Culture Activist Dr Purushottam Lochan Shrestha. Surprisingly, some facts regarding the preceding temple and its antiquity have been unveiled. 

As per the study, there used to be a shikhara styled temple with an image of Jaleshwor. The temple is said to be built in the middle of the pond just like in the Ranipokhari of Kathmandu.

Likewise, it is assumed that the Bhajupokhari of Bhaktapur was made to replicate the Ranipokhari of Kathmandu. More or less, it is also believed that an earthquake ruined the pond along with its history, making it still a mystery.


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