Buddha Jayanti; the day of Buddha’s separation, Paranirvana

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Buddha Jayanti; the day of Buddha’s separation, Paranirvana image
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As reasonably, the newars of Bhaktapur are Buddhist beside the Hindus. They adore the day of Buddha Jayanti.

Simply, people call this day, the day of Buddha’s birthday as well as the day when he gets enlightenment, also the day of his separation, Paranirvana. That’s why this day is sanctified with the name, Thrice Blessed Festival.

The day of Buddha Jayanti is also recalled as Buddha Purnima, Vaisakha Purnima, Saga Dawa as well as Vesak., the day of his separation, Paranirvana

Consequently, Lord Budhha was born in the Shakya family. For that reason, the Shakyas give more importance to this day. They visit Viharas and eat sweet dishes like kheer. Genuinely, in their mother tongue, they christen it as Swanya Puhni. That means the full moon day of flowers.

Lord Buddha not only belongs to Nepal but is also praised by the world. That’s why the whole world celebrates his birthday by organizing different events. Within that huge shutter, a small community of newars also shows their devotion toward Lord Buddha, by furnishing the traditional bhajans.

Moreover, this is the 2564th birthday of Shakyamuni Gautham Buddha.


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