Jayakriti Mahavihar (Thathu Bahi)

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Jayakriti Mahavihar (Thathu Bahi) image
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Jayakriti Mahavihar, also known as Thatu Bahi is one of the most prominent vihars of Bhaktapur. Each year, Samyak Panchadan like-substantial event takes place over there.

It is located at Itachhen, on the western arena of the Na: Pukhu (Guhyepokhari of Bhaktapur). A two-storeyed building made out of a traditional Nepalese style (currently functioning as a Shree Gyan Bijaya Primary School) is also the house of one of the Dipankar Buddhas of Bhaktapur.

There is a beautiful courtyard inside the building where one can find small chaityas and stupa along with exquisite wood’s working and the image of Padmapani Lokeshwora, the central deity of the Bahi.

The vihar is placed in the highland, that’s why it is called thatu Bahi.

The vihar, as mentioned in the inscriptions and scriptures ascertains that it is way older than other vihars. The presence of two Chaityas and a gate with Panchabuddha summarises that it was made in the Lichhavi era.

There is even some chatter saying Na: Pukhu was later made on the land of Thathu Bahi.

It is said that the vihar was also renovated by King Jitamitra Malla and Ugra Malla after Jaya Ratna Bajracharya, who was a member of Chatur Varna Mahavihar.

The mentioned date when Jaya Ratna Bajracharya renovated it was N.S.794 and only after that, the Thatu Bahi was started to call Jayakriti Mahavihar. Moreover, it still seems to be in a good condition.


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