Stepping out from Nagarkot to Changunarayan

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Stepping out from Nagarkot to Changunarayan image

Since Bhaktapur lies within the territory of the valley. Unparalleled ups and downhills surround this small burgh.  As in order, the northern part of Bhaktapur also provides a range of hiking trails. Alike in the southern area.

The northern hiking trail includes a very popular hiking trail of Kathmandu. You can call it, changunarayan Nagarkot hike.

Let’s begin it from Nagarkot

Well, casually this hike starts from the highest point of Bhaktapur city, Nagarkot. Nagarkot itself is one of the famous destinations of Bhaktapur. Especially, famous for pristine views of glorious mountains and the daybreak as well. You can take a glimpse of eight out of thirteen Himalayan ranges from this height in clear weather.

Adroitly, from the beginning of the hike, you’ll be able to discover the local lifestyles of rural Bhaktapur. Although you’ll be walking through jungles, you feel safe and sound. It is the specialty of the hike.

Normally, this hike took only two hours of the walk as in hike to pilot baba ashram. And there, you can mark this as an opportunity to uncover both the natural and cultural side of Bhaktapur.

Walking through the hills to hit from one hill to another, is an amazing experience. It will be more worthwhile if the views of the Himalayas in the north gives you a company.

From Nagarkot to Changu

Thus, this hike just fulfills your desire to walk along with nature to reach artistic whereabouts. The small village named after changu ends your hike. This village is an example of a mixed culture, where Gurung, as well as the Newari community, are well blended.

And all of the above, it is the place of the oldest temple in Nepal. Yes, the changunarayan temple is situated over there. Consequently, this hike also gives you a decorative view of Bhaktapur city, encountering the tallest temple of Nepal, nyatapola.


Hiking generally means a short walk to a remote and natural area, which does not include a night stay.

The best time for hiking is obviously autumn ( Oct-Nov) and Spring (end of Feb-apr). Besides that, you can do hiking whenever you favor doing it except for rainy days.

It would be comfortable for you if you choose to wear sports shoes. Otherwise, any type of shoe or footwear would be okay except for the high heels.

No, there is not. It is just hiking on a very small hill station. That’s why there is no possibility of High Altitude Sickness.

Yes, you can if you would like to. It passes through some remote villages. So, you wouldn’t be alone even you walk alone.

Yes, there are so many restaurants where you can try the local newari and Gurung dishes.

It is a short hike thus took approximately 2-3 hours of walk to reach the destination.

Yes, if you supposedly want to end your hike by returning through booked vehicles, then don’t miss the sunset view. Just finish your day at the top. And you could try the local bus too for experience.


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