Teej: the festival of devotion and august simper

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Teej: the festival of devotion and august simper image

Teej is counted as one of the most prestigious festivals in Nepal. That generally is not observed by the newa people. Yet, it has a good impact on Nepalese as well as newa society. Teej is no alike to other festivals that are celebrated in Nepal. Instead, it is unique to even observe.

The women, that day wears a red sari and do their best make-ups to look better than one another. They kind of enjoy that competitiveness where they appear in their best look ever. They dance, sing, eat, abstinence, worship, and live the most beautiful days of their lives.

Yes, the most beautiful and the immeasurable days. Since the festival, Teej is also associated with the Dar khane din and Rishi Panchami.

Dar khane din and Rishi Panchami after Teej

Before the Teej, they celebrate the Dar khane din with a grand feast. That truly is not prepared by them, as in every festival, women do such cooking things.  Thus, that time, they simply enjoy their dance and singing and the company of their sisters and friends. That’s why it counts as the golden days for those women who celebrate Teej.

Besides, they went to different places to have such kinds of gatherings and feasts.

Then comes the day of Teej, where they have had the fast for 24 hours. While some do the fast without even drinking the water. Otherwise, they do eat fruits and water. Among other fasts and rituals, this must be the difficult one. As it lures more dedication than others.

Moreover, skipping a day after the day of Teej, there is the day of Rishi Panchami. There, they again have a fast and a pooja where they get themselves purified.

More concerning on Teej

Teej, on one hand, represents the goddess Parvati. As the story about celebrating Teej goes like this. According to the holy book of Shree Swasthani, Parvati once escaped from her house. Because she was promised to Lord Vishnu by her father Himalaya.

Hence, to avoid that marriage, she ran away from the house and started to pray for Lord Mahadev. Through her praying, Mahadev gets satisfied and appears in front of her. Also gave her the benediction to get a husband as her choice.

Which ended up as being the husband of Parvati to the Shiva. Cause she wanted him to be her husband. Tempting that event, till today the unmarried girls have had fast in Teej. So, they could also get a husband as of their choice.



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