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Yomari punhi is a food-oriented festival. A festival, where yomari plays the role of an ideal dish. Yes, Yomari is the most delicious and popular dish among other newari dishes. Not only newer people but also the people from other localities love this food. This delicious steamed dish always reminds you of the taste of newari food. And brings a big smile in your face. The chaku, chocolate-like food or khuwa and the confection of rice flour are the main ingredients of the dish. Only with these ingredients, you can prepare a world-class dish. Yes, and that is yomari.

Commonly, the yomari refers to a portion of traditional Newari food. And punhi means full moon day. While this festival occurs on the day of full moon day. People call it yomari punhi. Traditionally, people celebrate this festival to celebrate their harvesting. That’s why farmers also call this festival, dhanya Purnima. For that reason, they worship the deity of grains, Annapurna at the same time. This festival somewhere also touches the ancient way of experiencing love. There was a practice. That they fix their meeting or you can say dating while entreating yomari in the neighborhood. For instance, it is a kind of feast where yomari is crowned as the main dish. Moreover, this festival falls in December, of course on the full moon day.


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