Photographer Deependra Bajracharay| Story Telling of Bhaktapur | EPISODE 9 |

.Jul 4, 2023

Deependra Bajracharya is a freelance photojournalist who loves to work mostly in the field of social issues like poverty, conflict, social discrimination human rights and basically the issues of the oppressed class. He is one of the ideal figures in the world of Photography in Nepal. He also believes that visual media has the ability to uncover the truth and spur social change. And moving forward, he has made the decision to concentrate the lance on social awareness.

About the Bhaktapur podcast-
Bhaktapur Podcast is all about the talk related to Bhaktapur and its subjects. It is a platform where we talk about all of Bhaktapur’s history, culture, art, architecture, stories, entrepreneurs, personalities, and even legends.

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