Episode -0 Random Guff | Bhaktapur.com | Niraj Lawoju & Anil Pawn

.Jul 4, 2023

Bhaktapur has always been a wonderful place to visit. The city itself, as well as its architecture, arts, culture, tradition, and people, are simply exceptional. However, sometimes, it appears that we are missing something in terms of Bhaktapur’s true self and stories.

Thus, with the launch of the Bhaktapur podcast, produced by Bhaktapur.com, we hope to discover more and more authentic discussions about Bhaktapur by Bhaktapurians.

Following that, we considered starting this conversation with bhaktapur.com. In this video with Niraj Lawaju, we have Mr. Anil Pawn, & we hope you will find some new insights through this video.

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