Hada brothers about Music Legend Nagendra Hada | Episode 2 | Bhaktapur.com

.Jul 4, 2023

Veteran Musician; Lyricist and Singer Late Nagendra Hada was a legendary artist. Many epoch-making Nepalbhasa songs we sing and entertain these days are either sung or composed by revered artist Hada. Renowned senior artist Madan Krishna Shrestha once in an interview paid homage towards Hada as his teacher in music and singing. Many popular Nepalbhasa songs sung by Shrestha are composed by Mr. Hada. Rabi and Rajesh Hada are brilliant sons of Nagendra Hada who are active in the musical sector. Rabi is a vocalist and Rajesh composes songs. This episode is dedicated to the Late Nagendra Hada.

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