.Jul 4, 2023

Have you heard about the stories of Nyatapola? The untold ones. Nyatapola is a five-storied ancient temple that makes each Bhaktapurian feel so proud. People may have very little knowledge about Bhaktapur city. But, within that tatter of knowledge, they put a page where the mysterious stories of Nyatapola always breathe. Nyatapola is like an ambiguous subject, which has, of course, mystery, religious beliefs, and facts. Plus, this might be the only monument that has more historical evidence than any other monument does. But still, it became a baffling puzzle when it came to explaining its accessories. Yes, no one knows why there are 5 Ganesha, 5 tiers, 5 plinths, 33 steps, 108 struts, and 360 battens used in the temple. Whereas, all these numbers have a significant role in tantrism. Besides, it dubiously shows the tantric influence of that time. This is an audio clip of the program we held on CLUBHOUSE on 11 JULY, 2021 The guests of the program were Om Prasad Dhaubadel and Purushottam Lochan Shrestha.

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