A journey through food, fun and fashion to the Bhaktapur

20 views .Aug 27, 2020

Whenever we travel, most of the time we enjoy our journey rather than the destination. However, in the case of Bhaktapur, this aspect doesn’t work at all. The city made us change our perspectives towards any address.

Besides the journey, a place, an ancient city, the capital of culture gives more beautiful experience than a ride. Starting a historical journey from the biggest manmade pond of Bhaktapur, Shiddhapokhari is the best way to explore Bhaktapur.

The video over here is powered by a national television called image channel. As the name, it actually is able to bring a perfect image of Bhaktapur. The video was shot before the earthquake of 2015. That’s why there is an effigy of old Bhaktapur.

Moreover, the video contains an exceptional picture of Bhaktapur, making of cotton in a traditional way.


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