Aadipadma Mahavihar

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Aadipadma Mahavihar is one of Bhaktapur’s oldest Vihars. Despite the lack of documentation detailing its origins, it is commonly referred to as Bhaktapur’s Jetho Vihar, which means “older one.” The vihar was referred to as Tombaha or Tungbaha in Rajbamsawali.

This Mahavihar is the place where both the Panchara (Pancha dan) and Samyak Mahadan begin. During Mohani, a kumari is also set up in front of this Vihar. All of this just demonstrates the location’s antiquity and historical significance.

Moreover, during Panchadan, all five Dipankar buddhas are welcomed at Aadipadma Mahaihar after gathering at Suryamandhi’s dabali (platform). Only after which, does the panchadan procedure begin.

The Vihar is located in Suryamadhi’s Taulachhen tole. Suryamadhi’s south-western corner has a short alley that leads directly to the vihar.


Regretfully, the existence of this Vihar is not known by many people. However, the Buddhist prayers admiringly take of this place.

The Aadipadma Vihar still teaches Buddhist prayers and it has an image of Lokeshwara as the main deity of the Vihar. There is a stupa too.

The annual Pancha Mahadan event is bound to be started from Aadipadma Mahavihar.

Aadipadma Vihar is located at Suryamadhi tole of Bhaktapur. To be more precise, it is situated in the southeast arena of the Dabali (high platform) of Suryamadhi.

There is no solid information available about the establishment of the Vihar. However, it is considered the oldest one. That’s why it is often called the Jetho Vihar means the eldest one.


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