Chhaling; a temple-like place for yoga practitioners

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Chhaling; a temple-like place for yoga practitioners image

A new day, and ready for a new place. Yes, Chhaling, this place sounds quite weird but is beguiling. Over the past few years, this place is amazingly developing, especially in tourism. Well, it comes under the Changu Narayan Municipality in terms of political geography.

Perhaps, this could be one of the reasons for its growth too. Here, you can find several temples. That means there is a good possibility of religious tourism out there. From east to west, as well as from North to the South, there are walls of the temple in the aforementioned place.

However, most of them are in a rustic environment. So, you can prefer to have a hike over there. By the way, this site is not that far. It is only 20km remote from the capital of Nepal.

The Temples in Chhaling

Here, we have some of the names of the temples along with their directions. That might help you to reach there. Temples, named Om Shanti Center, Machhenarayan Temple, Ban Kali  Temple, Beg Binayak Temple, and Bhaju Bhairav Temple are in the heart of the place.

Similarly, other temples like Pancha Mukhi Hanuman Temple and Shree Pancha Mahalaxmi Temple are in the northern segment.  Rikheshwor Mahadev Temple in the west. Also, Deusi Temple, Nidareshwor Mahadev Temple, and Singha Bahini Temple pose in the east of the Chhaling.

Yoga in Chhaling

Well, Chhaling is additionally famous for Nepal Yoga Retreat. It is comparable to the temple for yoga practitioners.

Besides all those temples, this place beholds the beauty of nature. The greenery around you simply gratifies your eyes. People over there seem more engaging in agriculture. But, it was the hub for the production of animal skin and leather materials during the 18th century.

In the Nepali language, Challa means the skin. That’s why people started to call this place as Chhaling. Of course, because of the popularity of skin businesses as well.

Also, there is a saying in the chronicle about this place. That identifies the ancient name of this site, as Gopal Dranga. It was the name mentioned in Kirat and lichhavi era. Nevertheless, this small account of land is full of peace and grace.


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