Lokeshwor Temple (Hiranyavarna Mahavihar)

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Lokeshwor Temple (Hiranyavarna Mahavihar) image

Lokeshwor temple of the Madhyapur thimi is one of the most sacred temples of Nepal. However, it is also designated as the main Vihar of Madhyapur Thimi too. People of thimi call this temple Ta: Baha and Lukuna dyo. It is highly protected, using the metal bars and locked up tightly because of the several attempts of theft.

Inside the temple, there is a beautiful statue of Lokeshwor (Karunamaya) who is considered one powerful tantric deity. There seems a combined influence of Hinduism and Buddism in this temple.

seems like avalokitesvara

Seems like Avalokitesvara

This two-tiered temple has a Vajra (the lighting bolt) in front of the temple which signifies the tantric qualities observed by the nearby small chaitya over.

bajrayana at Lokeshwor temple

Vajra at Lokeshwor temple


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