A short hike to Doleshwor Mahadev temple, Bhaktapur

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A short hike to Doleshwor Mahadev temple, Bhaktapur image

Doleshwor Mahadev temple hike is also a warming hiking trail situated toward the southeast of Bhaktapur. This temple is located at sipadol village, Surya Binayak.

You can drive or walk enough, to reach out at the place. It’s only a few kilometers away from Bhaktapur durbar square. It’s better if you choose to walk. During the walk, you can encounter many rural villages of Bhaktapur and get a chance to learn their livelihood besides the newars.

The 4000 years old temple of doleshwor Mahadev and the hiking trail was a hidden gem until and at the year 2009AD. August 22, 2009, was the date when it was declared as the head of the Kedarnath temple of India by the head priest of Kedarnath peeth Shree 1008 Jagat guru bheemashankarling shivacharya.

After that, the flow of visitors started increasing over there. The trail is only 6.9 km long so that you can easily reach there within 2 hours of walk.

The trail will surprise you with the leveling up of its height. Yes, you can traverse small villages when you look back to see your friends. And of course, the lush green forests and streams falling on your way remain you fresh and more excited. If you are not a pedestrian, then you can take a bus or other rental vehicles to reach there.


Hiking generally means a short walk to a remote and natural area, which does not include a night stay.

The best time for hiking is obviously autumn ( Oct-Nov) and Spring (end of Feb-apr). Besides that, you can do hiking whenever you favor doing it except for rainy days.

It would be comfortable for you if you choose to wear sports shoes. Otherwise, any type of shoe or footwear would be okay except for the high heels.

No, there is not. It is just hiking on a very small hill station. That’s why there is no possibility of High Altitude Sickness.

Yes, you can if you would like to. But we suggest you to not hike alone since the hiking route passes through quite a jungle area.

Actually no, there aren’t many restaurants but there are some local shops where you can find food and beverages.

It is a short hike thus took approximately 2-3 hours of walk to reach the destination.

Yes, if you supposedly want to end your hike by returning through booked vehicles, then don’t miss the sunset view. Just finish your day at the top.


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