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The southern hill station, above the pilot baba, is the hill station of Ranikot. This hill station immensely satisfies you with the field vision of the trio artistic burghs of Nepal. Those burghs are the Kathmandu, patan, and the Bhaktapur city. This hiking destination elevates 2,782m. And it is a perfect hiking trail for the beginners too.

Gradually, the hike starts from the suryabinak temple of Bhaktapur. This 4-5 hours short hike goes through the jungles, streams, small villages, quite off the beaten trails. And, of course, the pilot baba ashram. The charming and welcoming faces of nature made you capture them in your camera. All the hardships and jet lag will disappear in one second, once you reach the top of ranikot.

There is an ancient fort within the space of ranikot, the ranikot fort. King Prithvi Narayan shah built it during the medieval period. Subsequently, only vanish remains are left over there. Along with that, the temple of bagh bhairava posture the place with religious importance.


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  • Suryabinayak Municipality, Bhaktapur District, Nepal

  • 27.624751, 85.427528
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