Divyashwori temple

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Divyashwori temple image
Image by Pratap Shrestha

Divyashwori temple is one unique temple of Nepal. Probably in the entire nation, there is one such temple that has this kinda architectural characteristic. It along with the 5 main pinnacles owns a total of 13 pinnacles.  

It is the temple of Divyashwori, located 50m south of the lokanthali chowk. It is said that the temple along with the main pinnacle is made in Sriyantra form. Moreover, there is an amazing statue of Guhyakali inside the temple. Her image is also quite unique like the name and structure of the temple.

Her image has 11 heads and about 108 hands, surrounded by all serpents. Also, it is assumed that it might be the first temple ever dedicated to her in the entire world. It is said that she was established there by a Tantrik named Dibya in B.S. 1950.

Most of the devotees there offer her the pure water of coconuts and sacrifices are strictly prohibited. On top of that, there is a Sai bhajan and Yog centre on the premises of this temple.


Divyashwori temple is located 50m south of Lokanthali Chowk.

Divyashwori temple of Lokanthali is very unique in an aspect of architecture as well as the deity residing in it. It is believed that Guhyakali, whose temple is extremely hard to discover, resides there.

The temple of Dibyashwori was established in 1950 B.S.

The temple is maybe called Guhyeshwori since it is believed that a Tantrik named Divya founded it.


Even though it is a temple of Goddess Kali (Ghyakali), you are restricted to perform any kind of animal sacrifices over here.


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