Siddhi Kali Temple

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Siddhi Kali temple of thimi is a mystery. As per an old local, Siddhi Kali is a combined form of a male and a female. Whereas the statue of Siddhi Kali exactly looks like the image of Lord Ganesha. Or, it might actually be the image of Lord Ganesha.

Leaving this conflict behind, if we talk about the temple’s architecture, then you surely would say that this is the most artistic temple of thimi. The intrinsic woodcarvings of the torans and struts of this temple are awe-inspiring. Perhaps, because of recently done repaintings, they look even more engaging. 

Carved ganesha on the toran of Shiddhi kali temple

Carved Ganesha on the toran of Siddhi kali temple



Although the name of the temple is Siddhi Kali, the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh, and Goddess Kali along with Lord Bhairava and Nava Durga. The Siddhikali temple is also called Inayekwo dyo. Reasonably, cause it is located at Inayekwo Tole.

the siddhi kali temple premises

The siddhi kali temple premises

This two-storeyed temple is made in Pagoda style which showcases 17th-century architecture.  But the legends say that this Shaktipitha emerged from the fall of the right eye of Sati Devi. If you have heard or read about Swasthani Barta Katha, then it will be easier for you to understand this matter.

The temple of siddhi kali

The temple of Siddhi Kali

As per the story, when Sati Devi died after jumping into the Yagya Kunda of her father’s (Dakshya Prajapati) Yagya, her immortal body was carried around by Lord Shiva (her husband). Because the body was carried by Lord Shiva himself, it did not dare to perish. However, because of that, Lord shiva started to live in grief, not caring about the universe. The only thing that he cared about was her body thus he continued to carry her and roam around the globe.

Seeing this despair of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu appeared as a fly and make the body of Sati perishable. Which after her body start to fall apart one by one. In that process, wherever the body part of Sati fell, a Shaktipitha emerged in that place. Thus, Shiddhikali appears to be the place where Sati’s right eye fell.

golden pinnacle of siddhi kali temple

The golden pinnacle of the Siddhi kali temple

Moreover, the gold-gilded copper roof of this temple elegantly manages to hold this huge number of Pataa, falling from the top of the roof. Well, it seems that those Pataas are hung during festivals only.

the patah of the siddhi kali temple

The Pataa (Patah) of the Siddhi Kali temple

There is one more thing that makes this temple quite distinct from others. The nailed cooking utensils at the upper storey of the temple. 

Besides, during Biska Jatra, the palanquins of Siddhikali leads the other six palanquins of Ganeshas. Those palanquins are of Koshi Inaye Ganesha, Bishwo Binayak, Korki Inaye Ganesha, Gaamcha Inaye Ganesha, Raj Ganesha and Siwa Ganesha.


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