Bakhachhen Mahadev Temple; the oldest heritage site of Thimi

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The inscription found near this, Bakhachhen Mahadev temple states that it was built in N.S. 561 (1498 B.S.) which also made this temple, the oldest heritage site of Thimi. It is situated at Siwatole of Thimi. Around 110m east from the main road of Thimi and Thimi Layaku area.

It is a two-storeyed temple made in the pagoda style, facing toward the west. The gold-glided pinnacle, Shivalinga and traditional roofing style of this temple give an obsolete faithful vibe. 

Nearby, there is another temple designed in the same outlet, named Siwa Ganesha temple. But, it is faced toward the south. 

However, it doesn’t end the number of temples located in that area. There is also a temple of Gaurishankhar, Bhairava, Siddhi Ganesha, Bu: Mahadyo (self emerged Mahadev), Golakhu Dto (the nine deities) including various statues of god and goddesses which are both historically and culturally important.

Along with that, there is a pati, a dabali, Kunda (pond), dhungedhara (stone spout) and a chaitya.

Source: Gantabya Madhyapur Thimi


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