Mahalaxmi temple of Thimi

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Mahalaxmi temple of thimi lies on a little height. That’s why it gives a good excuse to observe the view of Madhyapur Thimi and nearby green hill stations.

There are two major Mahalaxmi temples in Madhyapur Thimi. One in Bode and another, over here at Madhyapur which is located around 250m ahead (east) from Digu Bhairava Temple of Digu Tole. It is one of the important pilgrims of Thimi. Considerably, it is one among the Astamatrikas of Madhyapur Thimi.

For many years, the deities of the temple were represented by stones. Later, the full-fledged faces of concerning deities were added over there. The statue of Vishnu and Laxmi, Mahadeva, Mahalaxmi, Mahakali Bhairava and others.

the statue of shiva, Vishnu with Laxmi

the statue of Shiva, Vishnu with Laxmi

deities of mahalaxmi temple

deities of Mahalaxmi temple

The temple is made in a very simple architectural style yet the struts carvings and the location make this temple quite extraordinary. There are erotic carvings in the struts of this temple.


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