Luchu Mahadya or the Subarneshwor Mahadeva Temple

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Luchu Mahadya or the Subarneshwor Mahadeva Temple image

Subarneshwor Mahadev Temple is a Shiva temple as the Ananatalingeswor Mahadeva Temple. Although these temples are in two different places, they carry the same portion of geography. This temple is also a central attraction in between the wilderness.

Luchu Mahadya

Religiously, this place is very important. Especially for the newars of Bhaktapur. They call this temple as Luchu Mahadya and attend pujas time and again.

Consequently, this temple lies in between the Bhaktapur Nagar and Madhyapur Thimi. That makes easy access for the people of both Nagaras. As the place lies in Katunnje. As the patronymics of Bhaktapur’s people, the names of places are also out of the world.

Besides the religious importance, this place is very much come in use for the picnics. People go there to enjoy their holidays. Also, people prefer to go to this place because of its topographical structure. Most of the temples in Nepal lies in a hill station. For that reason, this temple also occurs a place among them.

A beautiful place with fresh air and a peaceful setting, this is what everyone wants in their visit. While they were thinking about such kind of place, this place then appears in a bright way to envoke your visit there. A trivial but worthy trip to Bhaktapur thus continues here.


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