Subarneshwor Mahadeva Temple

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Subarneshwor Mahadev Temple(LuchuMahadya)

Subarneshwor Mahadev Temple is not so far from the Ananatalingeswor Mahadeva Temple. Although these temples are in two different places, they carry the same portion of geography, on top of the hills. You could notice that most of the temples in Nepal lie upon a hill station. Thus, you need to struggle a little to reach over there.

This temple of Subarneshwor Mahadev is also a central attraction that reclines in the wilderness. Besides, there is a natural Shivalinga inside the temple which is also worshipped as Lun chu Mahadya (Mahadev who blesses his devotees with gold) and people attend pujas time and again over there.

Subarneshwor Mahadev temple, on the other hand, houses a Pati, Bhajan Mandali, Pipal tree, and tap water along with the temple itself. The available inscriptions on the temple say that the temple dates back to 753 A.D.

Furthermore, the location of the temple (Katunnje) with its height lets us have a nice look over Bhaktapur city along with the other two ancient cities of Nepal i.e, Kathmandu and Lalitpur. Since the Subarneshwor temple lies in between the Bhaktapur Nagar and Madhyapur Thimi it is also easily accessible for the people of both Nagaras.

Besides the religious importance and purposes, this place is very much come in use for picnics. People go there to enjoy their holidays, but yes, you have to book the place in advance to have a picnic. The locals use this place for morning and evening walks.

Well, you could try saying Jai Shambo to the strangers (devotees) and see what their reply would be.

A cup of tea at Subarneshwor Mahadev temple

Most people (today’s generations) go to Subarneshwor Mahadev temple just to have a cup of tea and enjoy one of the gorgeous sunsets.

A beautiful place with fresh air and a peaceful setting, this is what everyone wants in their visit. While they were thinking about such kind of place, this place then appears in a bright way to envoke your visit there. A trivial but worthy trip to Bhaktapur thus continues here.


No, it doesn’t. It lies at Suryabinayak municipality in the southern hill station of Bhaktapur.

It is popular for its spectacular view of both the great Himalayas and the valley. With that, it is best for hiking through the woods and is one of the famous temples of Bhaktapur.

You could choose a local bus or hire a private vehicle to reach over there.

The entrance fee to enter Bhaktapur along with the Bhaktapur Durbar Square varies as per the nationality. It costs, Rs.1500 for Non-SAARC nationality, Rs.500 to SAARC, and for Chinese citizens, and free for the Nepalese. And this charging rule is limited to Bhaktapur Nagar only.

No, you don’t need to pay for your infant. In fact, it is free entry to the children below 10 years of each national at Bhaktapur Durbar Square.

Yes, there are restaurants and cafes on-site but are not convenient for all kinds of visitors.

Yes, it is. Even a single woman could travel here alone.

Well, there are a lot of things that you can do like shopping, sightseeing, eating different foods, also photography. But, capturing one corner of the square and having a sunset view would be the most satisfying thing that you would experience.

While being in Bhaktapur, you must mind few things like taking out of your shoes while entering the temple and other religious sites. Likewise, you might not be allowed to click pictures of some specific events or places. You should consider these things.

As we informed you earlier it is all safe for solo traveling which means you can travel without a guide. But we also recommend you to have a certified guide who would help you to understand the authentic Bhaktapur and the stories carved all over the monuments.


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