Thimi Layaku; the cultural center of Thimi

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Because the Thimi Layaku is situated beside the main road, it became very easy for the wanderers to locate out the place. Going straight ahead toward north from Balkumari temple (157m) would eventually lead you toward thimi Layaku.

Today, the layaku (palace) of Thimi is functioning as the Aadarsha Secondary School. Although it is functioning as a school, some portion of this area is still used for cultural activities. The activities regarding Bhairava Dance, Taleju and many other culture-related activities are conducted from here. That’s why it is also called the cultural centre of Thimi.

Besides the cultural values, this place seems important for religious purposes. Each year during Biska jatra the statues of Balkumari are put over there, who is the main deity of Sindoor jatra. It is said that the Taleju temple and the garden in front of it are remarkably attractive.


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