Uma Maheshwor temple

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Uma Maheshwor temple image
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There are two temples of Uma Maheshwor in Bhaktapur. One among them is located on the way to the Sukuldhokha from Balakhu Ganesh temple. To be more precise, it is exactly located behind the Araniko Assembly Hall.

uma maheshwor temple

Uma maheshwor temple before the restoration  PC: Sunil Rajbhandari

This Uma Maheshwor temple is made off of stones and it was once somehow impacted by the plants of the pipal. Until the renovation, the temple was half overlaid by the trees. It almost looked like the trees were the roof of this temple. But today, we can clearly see the pinnacle of this temple.

The temple is one of the most artistic temples of Bhaktapur that were made in a Shikhara Style. Cause, unlike other temples, it is full of pristine carvings, especially on the pillars.

There is an image of Uma Maheshwor in the sanctum of the temple. The image of this temple was once stolen after the worshipping was totally stopped there.

It is said that the temple was first made during the reign of Prana Malla.


This Uma Maheshwar temple could be seen at Bhaktapur’s Sukuldhoka. If you travel east from the Balakhu Ganesha Temple, you will come across this temple on your left.

Uma Maheshwora is a name given to a very affectionate image of Lord Shiva and his wife Goddess Parvati. You can find Goddess Parvati on the lap of Lord Shiva in each image of Uma Maheshwar.

Well, the current structure of the temple was renovated a few years back. But, it is said that the temple was built there during the reign of King Prana Malla.

The temple of Uma Maheshwora is a temple built in the Shikhara style. This style of temples is said to be influenced by India.

The Uma Maheshwora temple is not that far from Bhaktapur Durbar Square. It would take approximately 3-4 minutes to reach over there.

Yes, you can take photographs of the temple, but only from outside.


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