Siddhi Ganesh Temple and Dyo Chhen

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Siddhi Ganesh Temple and Dyo Chhen image
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Siddhi Ganesh Temple of Nyagya Tole is worshipped as the main deity of Nagadesha. Each year, the palanquin of Siddhi Ganesh used to be taken at Balkumari temple, during Biska Jatra. It was the only palanquin that used to depart from Nagadesha. And, only after the presence of the palanquin of Siddhi Ganesha, the Balkumari Jatra used to starts.

Shiddhi ganesh temple

Siddhi Ganesh temple

Perhaps, because the Siddhi Ganesha is assumed as the eldest son of Balkumari, he used to possess such priority. But unfortunately, today this series of acts are not performed. Moreover, some people assumed Siddhi Ganesha as Kumar too.

The temple of Siddhi Ganesh is located inside a courtyard and guess what, the entrance of the temple is no other than its dyo chhen. After entering the Dyo Chhen, you need to walk toward the north. You could encounter a pond, minor temples, people playing cards on nearby pati, while you walk toward the temple.

way to Shiddhi Ganesh temple

Way to Siddhi Ganesh temple

locals nearby Shiddhi ganesh temple

locals nearby Siddhi Ganesh temple

Also, you can sense the fragrance of green veggies while discerning people tieing them.

The temple is assumed to be built in N.S. 600 (B.S.1536) whereas the dyo chhen was built in N.S. 916 (B.S. 1898). This three-storeyed golden roofed temple is now having some renovations while the dyo chhen itself is becoming one of the main attractions of this place.

Dyo chhen of Shiddhi Ganesh Temple

Dyo chhen of Siddhi Ganesh Temple

The Siddhi Ganesh Dyo chhen depicts one of the beautiful woodcarvings output of thimi. The Dyo chhen is used to store the image of Siddhi Ganesha, Palanquin and other objects that are used in cultural activities. However, it is gaining more attention because of its golden window. The window is said to be made out of gold that’s why it is engraved under the iron bars.

It is said that before the erection of dyo chhen, the image of Siddhi Ganesh was placed in the house of local residences. Each year to the house of nearby residences.


This Siddhi Ganesh temple is located at Nyaga tole of Nagdesha, Thimi.

Well, it used to happen in past. Only after the arrival of Siddhi Ganesh’s palanquin on the premises of Balkumari temple, the famous Sindoor Jatra used to begin. But now is not the case.

It was established in N.S. 600 (B.S. 1536). Followed to that, the Siddhi Ganesh Dyo Chhen was established in N.S. 916 (B.S. 1898).

It is, indeed. It is one of the largest temples in Nagadesha and is also counted among the most important temples of the entire Thimi.

You certainly can. The temple appears to be open at all times.


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