Bode; a mini version of Madhyapur Thimi

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Bode; a mini version of Madhyapur Thimi image

Bode is a small composition of Madhyapur thimi. Hitherto, it is both naturally and culturally beautiful. As if, you can say, it is a mini version of madhyapur thimi. The renowned festival of tongue piercing, that thing also fell in this place.

Truly, it is counted as one of the most important events of the year. It usually takes place during biska jatra. With that, it has the nilbarahi dance as one of the most attractive facts of bode. The dances of nilbarahi are said to be formed nearly 1500 years ago.

The locals of bode perform this dance for four consecutive days during the gai jatra festival.

The people of the bode are more lively. They are still carrying the ethnicity of the newari culture and traditions. Being the ancient Newari town, for instance.

However, there are more farmers in this area rather than the potters. This place again comes into prominence because of its vegetation. With that, there are more temples like bode nilbarahi temple, Mahalaxmi temple, Nikantheswor Mahadev temple, Narayan temple, and Ganesh temple.

Also, there is a picnic spot. Therefore, anyone can visit this place on their vacation as well. You can also encounter a bode dyamaa stupa and dharma chakra ghumba at this place.

Top places to visit at Bode

Nil Barahi Temple of Bode

Just like the Nil Barahi dance, the temple of Nil Barahi also commemorates as a column of religious beliefs. People worship a stone representation as to the god of the temple. While it lies within the middle of the jungle, visitors often like to have a hike over there. Meanwhile, it is said that the practitioner of witchcraft prefers to worship there.

Mahalaxmi temple of Bode

Mahalaxmi temple lies in the northern arena of thimi, in the village named bode. This temple is said to be the sister goddesses of Balkumari. Plus, it is as old as the Balkumari temple. The study says that it was erected in the 17th century.

Also, this two-storied temple is blessed with a sumptuous as well as the sound posture of Lord Narayan. Moreover, the village including the temple is very much renowned for the annual tongue-piercing festival of bode.


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