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Indra jatra: in an aspect of Bhaktapur

As almost every jatra celebrated in the Kathmandu Valley has a fascinating backstory, the Indra jatra does as well. Though the viewpoint behind commemorating...

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Gunla and Panchadan (Panchara) Parva

According to the Nepal Era calendar ( Nepal Sambat), Gunla means the year’s tenth month. And the month dedicated to the glory of Lord...

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Gatha Muga Cha: re, the beginning of the festive season

Gatha Muga Cha: re ( गथांमुगः चर्हे ) or the Ghantakarna Chaturdashi or Gathamuga Charhe is a regional festival, mostly celebrated within the Kathmandu...

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Biska Jatra (Bisket Jatra): A fusion of tradition and uniqueness

Biska Jatra is one of Bhaktapur’s most popular festivals. The aesthete considers it to be one of the city’s most valued festivals, with both...

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