Layekuhiti ( Sunken hiti); the stone conduit of Bhaktapur Durbar Square

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Layekuhiti ( Sunken hiti); the stone conduit of Bhaktapur Durbar Square image

Along with the temples and palaces, there is a magnificent stone spout named Layekuhiti in Bhaktapur durbar plaza. Layekuhit literally translates to the palace’s stone conduit.

It is stated that the conduit was created to facilitate water for the prayers of adjacent temples, notably Taleju Bhawani, the supreme god of the Malla dynasty. (Taleju temple is located in the palace’s inner courtyard, where non-Hindus are not permitted.)

Aside from its religious significance, the conduit is best recognized for its stunning stone sculptures and carvings. The mouths of conduits are engraved with crocodile and frog-like creatures. Above the water conduit, there is also a tantric image of five-faced bhairava and shakti.

King Bhupatindra Malla is claimed to have repaired this water conduit. Due to a lack of funding, its erection remained a mystery. As a basis, it is assumed that this hiti was already in place while the Yaksheswor temple was being built.

The tap, on the other hand, no longer strained the water. However, it was formerly a popular supply of drinking water for both visitors and pedestrians too.


Yes, it lies within the Bhaktapur Durbar Square.

Layaku Hiti literally means the tap of the palace. So, it makes sense to call it Layaku Hiti since it is located in the Durbar premises.

It is said that it was built to facilitate the water to worship the nearby temples including the Taleju which resides in the inner court of the palace.

Indeed, the stone image of five faced bhairava and shakti above the water conduit is one of the most impressive stone sculptures of the town. With that, the mouth of the conduit depicts the various creatures mythologically related to water resources.

The conduit is located between Chyasalin Mandap and the Pashupatinath temple of Bhaktapur.

Unfortunately no, it no longer stains the water.

Yes, there are restaurants and cafes on-site, convenient for all kinds of visitors. However, if you want to observe it clearly, then you must go to the conduit by yourself.


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