Bhairavnath temple; the most reputable and darkest temples of Bhaktapur

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Bhairavnath temple; the most reputable and darkest temples of Bhaktapur image

Bhairavanath temple, the temple devoted to lord bhairava is one of the rectangular based temples of Bhaktapur. That occurs place on the left-hand side of the giant nyatapola temple.

The Bhairavanath established in this temple is a formidable incarnation of lord shiva, who also prefers to name as Kasi Vishwanath or Aakash bhairava. He is somehow famous for his obstreperous and stubborn character. 

Renovative history of Bhairavnath

In the early 17th century, King Jagat Jyoti Malla erected this temple. This temple was not three-story. But, of course, it was of pagoda style. Later on, king Bhupatindra Malla modified it into a triple roofed temple. Around in 1718 AD.

The reconstruction took time after the engineering of the nyatapola temple.

By worse luck, the devasting earthquake of 1934AD collapsed it.  And optimistically reassembled in the same structure. The ruinous earthquake of April 2015 again, made this temple renovated. It also destroyed the tiny way, passing through the betal temple. That ultimately leads toward the interior part of the bhairavnath temple.

The anecdote about Bhairavnath

With a renovative history, this temple also owns an interesting anecdote, passed orally by our ancestors. According to which, the lord bhairava of Varanasi once visited Bhaktapur to see bisket jatra.

Bisket jatra is one of the biggest jatras of the newar people. During the festival, the lord bhairava somehow was recognized by a priest and he just cast a decoy spell on him. 

As a quick reaction, he started to sink into the terra firma to go back to Varanasi. But the priest didn’t let him go. As if, he grabs the head of bhairava in his hand and decollates him with his sword. That’s why people say that the head doesn’t match the body of Kasi Vishwanath. It is also believed that the head is still treasured in a box of this temple. 



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