Lanpadegal; the images of two stone lions

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Lanpadegal; the images of two stone lions image

Lanpadegal is the image of two monolith lions, posing in front of Phashidegal. Yes, these effigies are those shielders that allow you to ride in it and take pictures, appending Bhaktapur durbar square as your backcloth.

Meaning of Lanpadegal

Coming to the lanpadegal, lanpadegal is the local name of those stone lions. Meanwhile, People started calling those stone lions lanpadegal. Because it stands as an obstruction in the road.

The lanpadegal consists of three newari words. Lan, pa, and dega ( degal). That means road, obstruction, and temple respectively. Therefore, people know this temple as a temple bothering the road. According to which, lanpadegal became the name of this site.

Lanpadegal, before the quake

 There was a three-storied pagoda style temple. With an outstandingly artistic statue of Harihar. According to history, there were three temples of Harihar within the durbar square. Somehow, this temple came under among them.

Besides that, we are grateful that the statue of Harihar is still live. Today, you can see it in the national art gallery. Before the devastating earthquake of 1934 AD, those impressive lions stood as sentries for that temple. But, unfortunately, after that devastating earthquake of  1934 AD, that temple was collapsed. And never built afterward.

Nevertheless, you still can have a glimpse of stone-carved statues of lions as a chunk of that off-course temple.

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