Jagannath temple; the temple of wooden Krishna

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Jagannath temple; the temple of wooden Krishna image

The ancient evidence says that the king bhupatindra Malla is responsible for the erection of the Chardham temples of Bhaktapur. Along with the Jagannath temple, he also commenced the Badrinath temple, Kedarnath temple, and Rameshwar temple.

Yes, however, this Jagannath temple consists of a place among char Dham temples.

The current temple of Jagannath seems quite ordinary covered with a tin roof.  This one-story temple was three times bigger and of two stories on its erection. The ruinous earthquake of 1934 A.D. somehow spectacularly affects the physical appearance of this temple.

Nowadays, we can see a simple architecture assembled over there. So, it can protect the beautiful wood sculptures of Lord Krishna, Balaram, and Subhadra, erected inside the temple.

The Jagana God Jatra

This, Jagana God Jatra is a very minor jatra of Bhaktapur. That is not forgotten continuously now. According to the events of the lunar year, this event falls on the second day of Dillathwa.

Yonder, dillathwa means the starting days of the ninth month, as of the Nepal sambat’s. On the occasion of the day, the statue of Jagannath is worshipped by its Pujari. That, with a special ritual. Meanwhile, a small group of people carries away the diety to roam the city.


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