Badrinath temple

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Badrinath temple is a 17th old century temple. It postured itself within Nepalese traditional roofing style.  That makes this temple more unique than others. By the sequence, King Bhupatindra Malla erected that the temple. That was of the shikhara style. Unfortunately, the devastating earthquake of 1990B.S. turned this temple into a Nepalese roofing style temple. It sounds quite weird. But another devastating earthquake of April 2015 brought this temple in its real posture. Today, the temple is again in its same shape. Yes, it is in the shikhara style as it was originally built.

Moreover, the most valuable thing, that this temple consists of is the statue of the Harihar. It is a combining form of lord shiva and Vishnu. That people call Badri Narayan or Badrinath. That then turns out to be the name of this temple. Consequently, as the Badrinath temple. Most of the people know this temple as one of the pilgrimages of char Dham temples too.


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