Phasidegal; the pumpkin like doomed temple

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Phasidegal or Shilu Mahadya

Phasidegal is a local as well as the tallest temple of Bhaktapur durbar square. Devotees of Shiva worship this temple as Silu Mahadev. Yet, most of the people call this temple phasidega rather than silu Mahadev. Of course, due to the reason for its pumpkin-like architecture.

Moreover, this white shikhara style temple stands right in the northeast corner of the pachapannajhyale durbar. You can easily get that temple. While you enter out from Bhaktapur durbar square to the east.

Also, the established guarding stones will help you to identify that temple. Those guarding stones include a pair of elephants, lions, and bulls. Somehow, these standing monoliths in front of this dome-like temple made you pass its five-layer platforms.

People believed that those five layers of platforms might be the symbol of Pancha maha preta. That includes Rudra, ishwor, Vishnu, Brahma, and Sadashiv. While the temple is blessed with the shiva linga.

The history says that during the reign of king Jitamitra Malla this temple came into existence. Although there is a want of resources about the erection of this temple. 

Phasidegal, after the earthquake of 2015

Today, the temple is struggling to come into its forgotten physique. After the devastating earthquake of April 2015. That earthquake turned the temple into a plain space. Well, this is also a fact about this temple. That it was the least harmed temple of 1934’s earthquake among the structures of Bhaktapur durbar square.

But drastically, the earthquake made out some changes in the structure of that temple. Also, it holds a little damage to its pinnacle. And for now, it is in the under-construction process.

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